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Wakeboard World, Kortgene

Our wakeboard- & waterskischool has been around for 20 years. Jacco, the owner, has already brought people to the national and international top. His love for the skisport and his trainers internsships all over the world have created an expertise in wakeboarding. This has given wakeboarding on the Veerse Meer a big impulse in the last few years. A beautifull accommodation, shop and the friendly atmosphere at the school make it worth a visit. The skischool has multiple boats and instructors available. Girlfriend Rianne runs the tendy shop, The Boardcorner, in the villige. Aimed at watersport end streatwear by various well known brands. We look forward to your visit!

Main activities:
  • Corperate events (Teambuilding)
  • Stag does
  • A famiy day out
  • Wakeboarding & waterskiing for beginners, advanced and pro's
  • Clubcards
  • Birthdayparties (tuing and banana rides)
  • Corperate events with wakeboarding, jetskiing, sailing
  • Basically, anything up to 100 people

Our accommodation: